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Send Objective: To better serve the customers by e-mail provision of convenient,caring and thoughtful to send the user subscription services such as e-journals,magazines,statements,products,latest price list,the latest curriculum,holiday greeting cards and so on,to promote and customers to maintain good customer relations communications.

For users: all walks of life in order to maintain customer relationships for the purpose of mass-mailing customers.


The first step in finishing the user e-mail address information
Organize your customer information into a txt text or excel spreadsheet file a one-time bulk import.

The second step standard message headers and content
The message headers and content not only a good corporate image is also a message to avoid misjudgment as spam,smooth entry into the inbox of the key.

The third step is to configure mail and letter writing parameters
To maintain corporate image,the proposed use of the company self-built server,send letters,and the sender,and set the request for a standard letter mail.

Step into message content
Invincible support html format e-mail the contents of your designed magazines,greeting cards,statements and other e-mail message content,paste it directly into editing area or will have to import existing web site can be added.

Step statistical analysis of user behavior
Into the details of the interface to track,view the client to read e-mail case.

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