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Email marketing, also known as EDM, is the acronym for Electronic Direct Marketing, or email marketing. EDM is the abbreviation of its English first home. Enterprises can use EDM to establish channels of communication with target customers, to directly convey their information, used to promote sales. EDM has many uses, you can send e-advertising, product information, sales information, market research, market information and other promotional activities.

Email marketing has the following advantages:
1, precision Direct: You can send the exact filter object, the promotion of a particular message delivery to specific target groups.
2, personalization: According to the difference in the community to develop personalized content to allow customers according to the needs of the user to provide the most valuable information.
3, information-rich, comprehensive: text, pictures, animation, audio, video, hyperlinks can be reflected in EDM.
4, with follow-up analysis: According to the user's behavior, statistics as to open mail, click on the number and analyzed to obtain sales leads.

EDM is characterized by:
1). According to demand, accurate lock the target customers.
2). Personalized e-mail, strong affinity.
3). Sound and impartial monitoring system that will be fair and scientific monitoring of the statistics of the number of Email has been here reading.
4). Manifestations in various forms: multimedia, graphics, text, sound, and Mao, memories.
5). Multi-function: You can enter member libraries, retirement, subscribe convenient, easy to forward, easy to save.
6). To send quick, can be quickly received.
7). To send a high success rate

Good e-mail marketing will enable customers to smoothly open the mail, I am here to introduce readers some small tricks to drive customers to smoothly open your e-mail.
E-mail successfully passed into the reader mail spam filter does not mean that is opened to read.

Open the factors that affect the rate of more need to focus on and grasp are the following:
1. e-mail arrival rate, did not reach to open out of the question. Increase the arrival rate, the need of professional permission-based email marketing service providers to offer high quality services.

2. e-mail sender with the e-mail address is very important, according to our experience, e-mail recipients receive e-mail, and if they have an impression that the sender name and sender address, the average open rate is higher than can not remember higher than that in more than twice. Therefore, e-mail marketing must do: first, to maintain a steady sender name; second, to obtain permission to make a deep impression on the recipient, and the consistent use of the name of the sender; third, the use of a unique domain name and sender address, and use SPF and DKIM signatures to prevent the fraudulent use of illegal elements.

3. the title contains the keywords to attract the recipient to do this, you need to dig analysis of the recipient's concerns and points of interest, combined with their own characteristics to take hold.

4. the title of the usefulness of personalization and content through our wealth of experience, found that if the title of an e-mail the recipient the name, and is the day's mail, then the possibility of being viewed more than just the name of the recipient out of 24%, not a day more than the name of the recipient e-mail and no more 75%. In specific reading time, 8 o'clock to see the number of e-mail the number of people than the 9 o'clock, 51% higher than the 15 o'clock bell to see the message above 260%.

5. the choice of arrival time, according to the above findings, the choice of arrival time also needs to act according to law.

6. continuous feedback and improvement, of ongoing analysis of those who arrived but did not open because, through a number of questionnaires or interview surveys, to improve the open rates is very good.

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