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BBmail Bulk Email Software is a professional high-performance mass email software for your email marketing campaigns.An simple to use emailer to send mass emails.BBmail bulk email software has the following features:

Higher sending speed.
Unlimited frequency of emails
Send personalized emails to all your recipients with a push of a button. If you use tokens in the body of your email, our bulk email sender will replace them with the recipient's name
Flexible work with SMTP servers. Use any SMTP server you have access to. If you do not know where to get an SMTP server, please go to our
package page to find an email server package to work with the BBmail Bulk Email Software, or you can buy the full package which include the BBmail and SMTP Service!
BBmail Bulk Email software lets you rotate SMTP servers, limit the number of emails sent through each SMTP, pause after sending the set amount of emails and much more.
Import mailing lists from clipboard, text files, csv files, Excel. Our BBmail bulk email software can import emails from your Outlook address book or use mailing lists generated by our BBmail Email Extractor or any other email harvester.
Easy to Use, Outlook-like Visual, Neat User Interface
Upgrade Free!
Tracking Reports:Opens, Clicks, Statistic Tables and Charts

Price and Purchase information:
Free Download Best Bulk Email Software
BuyBest Bulk Email Software Pro Lifetime License + 1 Month Free Trackservice costs $75
[Buy Now]
Free Version VS Pro Version 

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Best Bulk Emailer Track Service

BBmail Bulk Email Track Service

After you send your email newsletter, do you wonder what happens to your email next? Is it delivered? Opened? Links clicked?
Our track service is the process of recording every recipient’s action on your mass email campaigns. When a subscriber opens your email or clicks a link in your message, his action is recorded and stored inside the email tracking system database.
You can collect a full range of useful statistics on your email blasts:

Open rate (ratio of unique opens as a percentage of emails sent)
Click-through rate (ratio of unique clicks as a percentage of emails sent)
Click-to-open rate (ratio of unique clicks as a percentage of unique opens)
Number of total and unique email opens.
Number of total and unique email clicks.
Recipients'email addresses who opened your email.
Recipients'email addresses who clicked on the links in your email.
Which links were clicked.

Price and Purchase information:
BuyBest Bulk Email Software track service (Need BBmail Bulk email support) costs $9.9 (one month) [
Buy Now$99 (one year) [Buy Now]

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BBmail Email Marketing Server Smtp Package

BBmail Email Smtp Server is an easy to use Mail Server (SMTP/POP3) with mail forwardingunlimited domains and email addresses, and a catch-all for each domain.

BBmail Email Smtp server provides the unique features and capabilities required by email service providers and enterprises to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing and customer communications, and to maintain their standing as senders of legitimate mail.

BBmail EMail Smtp server allows senders to control the source IP address for each single message. Each performs its delivery functions independently; therefore, as long as the source IP is not blacklisted, your message has a higher chance of being routed to the inbox.

Supports Multiple Domains;
Mail Forwarding and Relaying;
SMTP Authentication;
Catch-All Forwarding;
Ability to monitor and kill connections;
New IP address warm-up feature to help build reputation;
Support unlimited recipients;
Ability to pause queues and delete or re-start;
Domain Keys and DKIM, SenderID and SPF;

Note:BBmail email smtp server need work with bulk email software, so it lets you set your configurations globally, per recipient domain, per campaign, per client, etc.

BuyEmail Server + 1Month Service(Installation,Configration,Support)costs $120 [Buy Now] (20000 mails daily)

BuyEmail Server + 1Month Service(Installation,Configration,Support)costs $175 [Buy Now] (50000 mails daily)

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BBmail Email Spider

BBmail Email Spider

BBmail-Email Spider can collect and extract emails from the websites around the world using the keywords and urls you enter for.Simply provide a starting website or starting keywords and let BBmail-Email Spider do the rest.BBmail-Email Spider will crawl the web site and collect all email addresses it finds.Specify the websites you want to visit to allow email spider to stay on top of your goal or block web sites you don't want it to visit.

Meanwhile,It can find both targeted and untargeted emails,from specific countries and Web sites that you specify.It's easy to use and has the ability to extract emails from a file on your computer,or by getting sites from a search engine,or by spidering a list of URL's which you give it.

Javascript analysis to find protected email addresses;
Fully automated email and website harvesting;
Harvest emails with the help of search engines (500+ included);
Spider web to find e-mail from any specified start website (URL);
Scans up to 10 webpages simultaneously;
Database integration for easy sorting,exporting,and protecting your data;
Automatically prevents collection of duplicate emails;
Automated searching lets you enter multiple search terms and automatically skip to the next search after a specified number of websites have been scanned;
Displays statistics of all pages scanned,websites found,and emails found;
Stop and Resume scanning with the click of a button,you can even resume after shutting down the program;
Low memory use means you can let the spider run while minimized and not interfere with your other application.
Very fast processing (with 100 threads you can easly extract 500 new emails a minute).

BuyBBmail Spider costs $68 For Lifetime [Buy Now]

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