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What is SMTP?

SMTP is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it is used to transfer e-mail messages between computers.

An SMTP server performs two functions:

Verifies proper configuration and grants permission to a computer attempting to send a message.
Sends an outgoing message to a predefined destination and tracks the successful delivery of the message. If it is not deliverable, a message is sent back to the sender.


BBmail Email Server SMTP installation + Virtual Email Service Support (Virtual Private Email Server).In current email marketing market,most of users have the bulk email software,but there is a big problem,they are always restricted by the smtp server,most of people can only send few emails everyday,the hosting provider restricts everything that you can not enjoy your email marketing.For this,then the Unlimited Smtp Server is the cost effective way to go. Our Virtual Private Email Server,there have multiple independent ips,processor,memory,and 1GB internet connection speed,then you don't worry about your ips and domain or ISP will be blocked or blacklisted;

After We installed the email server for you,we will provide you an email server webcontrol,you can creat email accounts on it,but need an bulk email software with the server accounts for sending mass mails.So if you have your own Bulk email software,you just choose the Option C or Option D ok!

BBmail Bulk Email Smtp Server System,which is for creating unlimited email accounts and providing smtp server.With them,you can send unlimited emails with your bulk email software,those are the perfect partner for your email marketing;

Option C package (20000 mails everyday!):

First month is $120 Next month renewal is $45/Month

Option D package (50000 mails everyday!):

First month is $175 Next month renewal is $100/Month

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Virtual Private Server and Unlimited Smtp Server

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