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Quick-Start Video Tutorial

Best Bulk Email Software: Quick-Start Tutorial

Best Bulk Email Software is easy-to-use mailing list software.
This tutorial is intended to make you familiar with Best Bulk Email Software quickly.
You can get started using this software in 5 steps.

Step 1: Starting  a New task

Best Bulk Email Software

  1.Start the Best Bulk Email Software


 2. Press the “New”  button to start a new task.

Step 2: Setting up Recipients Lists

1.Click menu “Setting ->Recipients Address

2.Or Clicking at the recipient address edit area in the main interface to add new recipients lists. Recipient address

Recipient Setting

3.Then,you can click “Add to Maillist”  button to add address from Maillist.

4.Add Recipients List as the following table shows.
Add to Maillist

5.More information of Recipients Setting.

Step 3: Setting up Sender Lists

1.Click menu “Setting->Send Mailbox

2.Or Clicking at the sender address edit area in the main interface to add new recipients list.Sender Address
3.Then you can click the “Import” button  in the sender setting to add group of maillists.  

Sender Setting
4.More information of Sender Setting.

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Step 4: Editing Mail Content

1.The main interface of the Mail Content.

Mail Content
2.You can edit the Mail Content like other else(Images,Hyperlinks,Flashs,Attachments etc.).
There are three kinds of views view

3.Click the “Import” button Web Pageand import the online or local webpage into the mail content.

Import Webpage

4. Click the “Send” button SEND sending current task.The program will turn to
the “Sending task” page of the task manage interface.

4.More information of Task Manager/Task Management.

Step 5: Track Service
1.Click the “Track” buttonTrack on the front of the main interface.It is our amazing function.
You’ll know what happened after you send the emails

2. Click the red sample of "Click to enter the track dialog" to enter into the track task interface
in the "Finished Task" page of the task management interface.

Finished Task

3. How to set the track service?

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