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The advantages and disadvantages of bulk email

Analyzed from two perspectives, Bulk Email messages to the user look at the pros and cons of marketing

Bulk Email to the advantage of using e-mail:

1, using Bulk Email, developing their own potential customers, the Internet gives marketers the potential or the intention to see numerous customers.

2, low cost, the amount of investment return can be off to spend several hundred dollars to buy some e-mail database to send daily messages to the library. From 100 000 e-mail that 10 customers had even higher returns.

3, a rapid increase in site traffic access, through intensive and send anonymous, even if the pages do not intend to click on to open a web page e-mail is web site traffic.

4, the cost savings the company, through Bulk Email can be compared to traditional mail delivery can be reduced up to 99% of the cost.

From the user point of view of the disadvantages of Bulk Email:

1, users are called "spam", meaning clear, to provide the message content to the user is not interested.

2, does not respect the user power of a force the user to receive mail, not by the user in this permit as if someone entered your home to sleep, watch TV, eat you will have Zuoheganxiang?

3, sending offensive messages, thus reducing your brand reputation, if your product or service is better left in the minds of Indian customers like, then you play through the junk Bulk Email will be counter-productive.

Personal opinion: If you want to call it spam users with the marketing approach, I suggest you the following three written your spam:

1, choose the good of your e-mail database, choose your relevant industry database, your Bulk Email will be more effective, it should not buy a mail database on the mass.

2, good design and content of your message title, the title words need attention and highlight your theme is. N closed the day before yesterday I received anonymous e-mail is subject to exchange links, and content is XXXX brand network in China Recommended: how to make bids to speak loudly. How can the success of such a message?

3, good follow-up services and tracking, user access via e-mail site, to attract your attention to your web site users.

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